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I just switched from EBSCO to Swets.  I have been frustrated with EBSCO's accounting unit -- duplicate title charges, invoices paid but would come to you again in a few months that you thought they were already taken care of ... causing lots of extra time to verify and look up information and even worse, lots of hassling and exhaustion trying to communicate with several of their personnels because none of them seem to have the authority or willing to take the responsibility and help solve the obvious issue right away... It makes it frustrating when the communication is not smooth as they seem try to NOT admit the error they make by apologizing and fix the problem for you while it is all cystal clear that it is wrong on their side, but instead they insisted me paying the wrong invoices and be credit back later! Due to back and forth negotiating, time lags occurred and EBSCO turned around charged me overdue fines...

Julia Wang

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We have had a similar experience over the past year, though we have always been with the Denver office. We are unable to access many of our regular subscriptions at the moment because, according to our CSR, EBSCO didn't send our renewal payments until January 2, 2008 for subscriptions that were to start January 1, 2008! We didn't send in our renewals any later than we have in the past, so we are wondering what is going on. I have asked my CSR but cannot get a straight answer. Communication with them is hit or miss. We either seem to get a response right away or never at all. They are very nice people, but we're frustrated.

Addie Fletcher

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We too have had a bad experience with Ebsco since being changed from Dallas to Denver.  I have stuck with our original representative but I am far from pleased.  The rep I had in Dallas was so great.  I get the feeling that the Denver office is completely overwhelmed with work and can't keep up.  I used to hear from my rep in Dallas within 24 hours and now it is about 2 weeks.

Sydna Bryant
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