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Re: Ebsco Barbara Pope 04 Feb 2008 22:58 UTC

For last year, we are missing 8 issues of a particular magazine, because
the publisher says the renewal did not get to them in time.  We always
send our big annual renewal in during July or August, so this was quite
a surprise.  But the publisher says they did not get the renewal until
about 2 months later than they should have.  EBSCO blaims the publisher
for not processing it correctly.  What is going on?

Barbara Pope
Axe Library
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg KS  66762

Boardman, Teri wrote:
> We also changed from Dallas to Denver. Since we changed to the Denver
> office in June we haven't had a positive experience. When I e-mail our
> CSR I never know who is going to respond. I get responses from 3
> different people. Also my claims haven't been going through on Ebsconet.
> I get responses like "too soon to claim". When I e-mailed the CSR I got
> a response from another CSR. Evidently we now have a new CSR. I know the
> renewals were late because we received our copy much later than usual.
> I'm concerned that our subscriptions were renewed too late.
> Teri Boardman
> University of Houston at Clear Lake
> Houston, Texas
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> We have had a similar experience over the past year, though we have
> always been with the Denver office. We are unable to access many of our
> regular subscriptions at the moment because, according to our CSR, EBSCO
> didn't send our renewal payments until January 2, 2008 for subscriptions
> that were to start January 1, 2008! We didn't send in our renewals any
> later than we have in the past, so we are wondering what is going on. I
> have asked my CSR but cannot get a straight answer. Communication with
> them is hit or miss. We either seem to get a response right away or
> never at all. They are very nice people, but we're frustrated.
> Addie Fletcher
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> Subject: [SERIALST] Ebsco
> We too have had a bad experience with Ebsco since being changed from
> Dallas to Denver.  I have stuck with our original representative but I
> am far from pleased.  The rep I had in Dallas was so great.  I get the
> feeling that the Denver office is completely overwhelmed with work and
> can't keep up.  I used to hear from my rep in Dallas within 24 hours and
> now it is about 2 weeks.
> Sydna Bryant
> Serials
> 4901 E University Blvd
> Odessa TX 79762
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