Re: Ebsco Rose Marie Parsons 05 Feb 2008 15:18 UTC


I offer my two cents as a satisfied Ebsco client. When our relationship
with our customer service rep deteriorated a few years ago, we worked
with our account services manager to request a change of CSR. We clearly
stated our concerns and expectations to our new CSR, and she has been
very responsive. She is a tenacious problem solver, and that is what we
want and need. We have also made an effort to better understand Ebsco's
vocabulary and processes. I am convinced the improved communication has
been beneficial to both Ebsco and us.    We are still uncovering
problems that trace back to Ebsco's taking over this library's Faxon
orders, and our CSR is working hard to resolve those. Ebsconet is very
user-friendly, and it is a great help when our CSR and I can look at the
same screens while we talk through a problem. Approximately 2/3 of our
agent-handled orders are through Ebsco, with Swets handling the rest. We
place most new orders with Swets because we are trying to move to a
better balance, not because we are dissatisfied with Ebsco. We are also
satisfied with Swets, but SwetsWise lacks some of my favorite Ebsconet

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