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Sources, sources, sources.

Since there is no title source note and this appears to be book like, I'm guessing source is title page.  If #38222513 is cataloged correctly, it appears the title appearing on the title page from 1999 to 2003 is 'Time almanac'.  The addition/dropping of 'with Information Please' from the cover would not affect the title as it appears on the chief source and the choice of title proper.

#180705772 is a little odd however in that the title proper they're referencing in the 780 link is different from what currently appears in #38222513.  Could be bad cataloging, could be that there were some records collapsed and this 780 was never updated.  As the records currently stand,

#38222513  Time Almanac -->  #180705772 Time Alamanac

is obviously not *any* change (major or not) and the record for the later 'title' should be reported for deletion.  I will try to verify information best I can but our run is pretty spotty.  I agree with Patricia's judgment that 'powered by Encyclopedia Britannica' is more like a statement of responsibility than part of title proper.

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On Mon, 4 Feb 2008, Fogler, Patricia A Civ USAF AETC AUL/LTSC wrote:

> Can someone clear up for me whether the 2008 Time almanac really
> constitutes a title change?
> I was given it because it now says "powered by Encyclopedia Britannica"
> and because "Information Please" is now nowhere to be found on it.
> My take would be that Encyclopedia Britannica is functioning as a
> publisher rather than as additional title information.  The new record
> in OCLC (#180705772) has a 710 for Encyclopedia Britannica but has the
> exact same 245 minus the article "The".    This seems to me to be a
> minor change.
> "Information Please" was added in 2000 to the 246 in the record (that we
> have in our system) which began in 1998, and it's absence doesn't affect
> the 245.  Am I right to continue to use this record: (OCoLC)38222513?
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