Re: Standard and Poor's Corporation Records Kristen Fredericksen 07 Feb 2008 14:54 UTC

Hi Connie,
    Our librarians agree with you. I have called and e-mailed Susan
Cortes, whose name is on the letter from S&P, to ask if we can get our
package price reduced but she has not responded. This situation has led
us to review all of our S&P titles to determine whether we really need
them anymore, but no decisions have been made. I'd love to hear how
others are dealing with this.


> How are others dealing with this change in format from S&P from print
> to email only for their Corporation Records.
> I must continue to register extreme dismay and an ecologically-based
> protest about the recent move by S&P to email the corporation records,
> daily, biweekly, etc. We have not printed out on one side (as we do
> not have double-side capability) one inch of documents, compared to
> the previously received thin paper/front/back publications. This is a
> huge waste of space and time.
> I hope that the S&P staff will reconsider or consider an IP-based
> access. This email think is absurd.
> Because S&P bundles packages and pricing for libraries, to pull out
> one title, does not achieve measurable cost-savings either.
> I'd appreciate others commiserating, providing alternate
> possibilities, or assuring me I'm not off-base in this assessment.
> thanks
> Connie Foster


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