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Hi Connie,

Thanks for posting this to the list. As a newbie serials manager, I was
wondering how common this practice was and how other libraries handle
email subscriptions.

When we called the S&P contact info and brought up essentially the same
comments that you did in your email, the person was extremely rude and
unsympathetic. The rep did say that they could print out the documents
and mail them to us once a week, but we're still not sure how we want to
handle it. We'll be reviewing this subscription when it comes up for


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How are others dealing with this change in format from S&P from print to

email only for their Corporation Records.
I must continue to register extreme dismay and an ecologically-based
protest about the recent move by S&P to email the corporation records,
daily, biweekly, etc. We have not printed out on one side (as we do not
have double-side capability) one inch of documents, compared to the
previously received thin paper/front/back publications. This is a huge
waste of space and time.
I hope that the S&P staff will reconsider or consider an IP-based
access. This email think is absurd.
Because S&P bundles packages and pricing for libraries, to pull out one
title, does not achieve measurable cost-savings either.

I'd appreciate others commiserating, providing alternate possibilities,
or assuring me I'm not off-base in this assessment.
Connie Foster

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