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We are also reviewing the bundled package of print titles that the Corporate Record news is a part of with an eye toward cancellations.

When I did a source search in Lexis Nexis I found the Corporate News but vaguely remember a small variation in the title.  Without checking notes I believe the ISSN's matched.

We also have NetAdvantage and have found at least three of the titles in this resource that are part of the bundled print package, which represents duplicate expense, although from record notes it does appear we get a discount on the print subscription because of the NetAdvantage subscription.

We are still reviewing this so have not yet made a final decision.

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Hi Connie,
    Our librarians agree with you. I have called and e-mailed Susan
Cortes, whose name is on the letter from S&P, to ask if we can get our
package price reduced but she has not responded. This situation has led
us to review all of our S&P titles to determine whether we really need
them anymore, but no decisions have been made. I'd love to hear how
others are dealing with this.


> How are others dealing with this change in format from S&P from print
> to email only for their Corporation Records.
> I must continue to register extreme dismay and an ecologically-based
> protest about the recent move by S&P to email the corporation records,
> daily, biweekly, etc. We have not printed out on one side (as we do
> not have double-side capability) one inch of documents, compared to
> the previously received thin paper/front/back publications. This is a
> huge waste of space and time.
> I hope that the S&P staff will reconsider or consider an IP-based
> access. This email think is absurd.
> Because S&P bundles packages and pricing for libraries, to pull out
> one title, does not achieve measurable cost-savings either.
> I'd appreciate others commiserating, providing alternate
> possibilities, or assuring me I'm not off-base in this assessment.
> thanks
> Connie Foster


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