Upcoming Copyright courses Amritha Fernandes-Bakshi 11 Feb 2008 21:29 UTC

[Cross-posted; please excuse duplication]

I am posting this note about upcoming copyright courses on behalf of Lesley
Ellen Harris (http://copyrightlaws.com); I hope you find it useful.


SLA now has a Certificate in Copyright Management program consisting of 7
courses, 5 online and 2 in person. Courses include U.S. Copyright Law;
International Copyright Law; Digital Copyright; Library Copyright Issues;
Managing Copyright; and Managing Copyright Education. These are intensive,
interactive courses with "live" conferences, discussions and exercises. You
may enroll in one or several or all of the courses. See:

For those looking for less intensive copyright courses, check out the email
tutorial type courses offered by Copyrightlaws.com<http://copyrightlaws.com/>,
which begin April 14th. These courses last 8 weeks and consist of 16
e-lessons with a text lecture, self marking quiz and further resources to
consult. The advanced courses include an optional discussion list. See: