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We recieved a letter from the publisher about this title.  It was published in two editions, an English one with the title New Times (OCLC#31386532)  and a Russian one with the title "Novoe vremia"  (OCLC#8118914).  These two editions were combined into a new publication.  The new publication has an OCLC record #8118914 and the two records for the older titles are closed.
Linda Wirth

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> I also know a little bit of Russian.  Because Russian uses the Cyrillic
>  alphabet, the lettering is different than in English, and many of the
>  Cyrillic characters do not have an English equivalent.
>  Novoe Vremia would be the phonetic version of the words meaning New
>  Times; Hoboe Bpemr would be the English lettering which would look the
>  closest to the shape of the Cyrillic characters.  In my opinion, the
>  first version would be the correct one to use.
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>  Does anyone know if this is a title change?  We have previously received
>  "The New Times - Novoe Vremia", which stopped publication in Sept 2006.
>  A person who knows Russian said that Hoboe Bpemr is the English
>  lettering for Novoe Vremia.
>  Thanks!
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