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Here's part of the problem with Blackwell/Sinergy's invoicing -- the invoices are sent in a completely plain envelope.  Not only is it poor business practice, it meets USPS criteria of "suspicious" mail, which should be turned over to postal authorities or law enforcement.  By accident we opened their envelope and discovered an overdue invoice for online access.  We contacted them, they see no problem with their mailing procedures and have no intention of changing them.

We've informed them we will continue to follow the USPS criteria for our safety so it is up to them to correct their procedures.

Some of you may think we take the USPS regulations too far; however some of our employees have family members in the service currently deployed.  It is always on our minds.


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We're having the same problem.
Our rep. is trying to work this out.

Lee Ann

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Because of Blackwell Synergy's merger with Wiley InterScience, our
account has been suspended by Blackwell since we didn't pay our invoice
because no invoice was ever sent by Wiley. Blackwell can't send invoices
since they will be Wiley!!!!!
Somehow, some of our Blackwell account is working.


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