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This is a difficult task to be many variables.

Nature for instance doesn't actually charge you an annual archival fee
IF you have a subscription to the current Nature online.  If that
subscription lapses, then they do charge you a "reasonable fee" as was
mentioned earlier.  With ACS, we were able to get them to waive the
archival fee for 10 years but it'll kick in at that point on an
annualized basis.  Others let you buy subject oriented backfiles (like
Elsevier and Wiley).  For those two packages, we have them hosted on a
third party platform and we pay them an access fee that's a whole lot
cheaper than Science Direct (in Elsevier's case at least).  I don't
remember how Blackwell does it to be honest...I don't recall paying a
hosting fee though.

I don't know where purchased ebooks fall in this discussion but many
times there is a hosting fee even if you own the item(s).

If I were to do this, I'd make the list of publishers/vendors that
interested us first, then find out how they handle these sorts of

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Hi all,

I'm trying to quickly compile a list of journal archive products from
publishers that involve paying only a one-time-fee, and no annual fee
(unlike JSTOR, for example, which has a capital fee and an annual fee).

I know some of the publishers are now offering this.

I figure if a number of people (or publishers) can mention packages
familiar with or have purchased, I'll have a nice list to start with.

thanks in advance,
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