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Jina Wakimoto
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Dear SOCRS members:

We are very happy to let you know that the proceedings of our satellite
conference (August 2007) are now up on line on the satellite conference
Web site, located at:


The title of this satellite conference was:  ELECTRONIC RESOURCE
MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS:  A Solution with Its Own Challenges, held at the
University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa August 16-17, 2007

If you click on "Papers," you will arrive at the section where the
speakers' abstracts and full text presentations are available (Alicia Wise
was able to give us only her power point).

The Speakers' bios are all available on the link called "Speakers." The
full contents are listed below.

The very editing of the papers was done over the last few months by
Graziano Kratli, International Program Support Librarian at Yale
University Library, and we owe him immense gratitude for this painstaking
work.  We also owe, again, immense thanks to the various SOCRS members who
helped to plan and organize this event, as well as to our hosts at the
University of the Western Cape.

As they say, "enjoy," and please share this information with your various
lists and contacts.  I'll also be forwarding this message to the IFLA
e-mail list.

Cordially, Ann Okerson
Chair, Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section


Rochelle BALLARD and Jennifer LANG
( Princeton University Library)
The Hidden Benefits of Implementing an Electronic Resources Management

Robert BLEY (Ex Libris)
Dis-Integration and Re-Integration: ERMSs in the Wider Context -

A Consortial Approach to Information Management

Ted FONS ( Innovative Interfaces)
The Present and Future of Electronic Resource Management Systems: Public
and Staff

Licenses and ERMs: Standards for the Expression of Publisher/Library

Dalene HAWTHORNE (Emporia State UniversityLibraries) and Jennifer WATSON
(University of Tennessee Health Sciences Library)
Electronic Resources Management Systems: Alternative Solutions

Kimberly PARKER (Yale University Library)
Tools for Mature Management Electronic Resources Lyfecycles in Libraries

Oliver PESCH (EBSCO Information Services)
Connecting E-Resource Management Systems and Usage Statistics

Dorette SNYMAN (University of South Africa)
UNISA Library: Adapting Our Organization to an Electronic Resource
Management Environment?

Wilhelm WIDMARK (Stockholm University Library)
A New Organization Built on a New Tool?

Alicia WISE (Publishers Licensing Society)
Electronic Resource Management: Copyright and Licensing Context
Presentation (.ppt)

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