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Reports of Study: MARC Record Services Survey Kemp, Rebecca 28 Mar 2008 18:03 UTC


Dear colleagues,

Thank you very much to those who participated in my survey regarding how
libraries are using MARC record services.  My study is now complete, and
it is available for you to read at the following site:

I expect it to be published in _The Serials Librarian_, v.55, no.3
(2008).  Please let me know if you have any questions.  My original
posting to request participants follows, for those who wish to know a
little more about the study.

Thanks again,
Rebecca Kemp

Rebecca Kemp
Serials Coordinator Librarian
W.M. Randall Library
University of North Carolina Wilmington
601 S. College Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: (910)962-7220
Fax: (910)962-3078

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Subject: Invitation to participate: MARC Record Services survey


Dear colleagues,

Does your library use a MARC record service such as SFX's MARCit! or
Serials Solutions' 360 MARC Updates?  If so, I invite you to participate
in a brief, anonymous survey that is designed to provide information
about how libraries are using different MARC record services.  The goals
of the survey are to identify the benefits of using these services and
areas in which the services could be improved, as well as to solicit
general feedback about them.

Your participation in this study will provide valuable information about
a major aspect of serials cataloging: outsourcing MARC records to
vendors. Your responses will inform a formally published article, which
I will share with the listserves once it is finished.
If anyone has any questions about this study, please feel free to
contact me.

Thank you very much for considering,