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For CDs and such, we use GreenDisc. I've found that the most economical way
to approach the recycling of CDs and many other technology-related items is
through their Techno-Trash Can program.
See <>
Besides CD's, I've sent them audio and videocassettes, jewel cases and even
the old VHS cases. They don't take vinyl records though. In fact, finding
someone to recycle records is difficult due to the high metal content of
the vinyl. So, I send them to an artist in NYC who turns them into coasters
and decorative bowls. :-)

As for film and fiche, we use SafetyKleen, which is an industrial  waste
management company with locations throughout the country. We throw our
withdrawn film and fiche into a 50 gallon plastic drum provided by the
company. When it is full, they will haul it away. There is a "per pound"
fee which probably varies depending on your location. If any of the
film/fiche you withdraw is silver halide, the company will recover those
metals and pay you their value or apply a credit toward processing of the
rest of your fiche/film. Overall, SafetyKleen recovers the materials that
are recyclable and properly dispose of that which is not. Their website is

I hope this helps.


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> Does anyone use a service that will recycle microfiche, microfilm, and
> CD-ROM discs?
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