Re: Recycling bound journals Bell, Ashleigh 06 Mar 2008 16:51 UTC

Have libraries thought of offfering them to the original publisher who
may be digitising its backfile and searching for old print copies?  I am
sure you will find most will cover the cost of shipping and then give
free online access to the archive.

Kind regards

Taylor & Francis Group

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We too are removing the bound volumes that we have in JSTOR.  We first
list these volumes on Backserv and have had a pleasing response there.
Unfortunately, the rest do go to recycling.  We have a student cut off
the cover -- the covers go in the trash, the insides go into the
recycling bins on campus.  If someone else has a better idea, I would be
interested in knowing it.

Kim Spencer
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>>> "Pennington, Buddy D." <penningtonb@UMKC.EDU> 3/6/2008 9:10 AM >>>
This has recently came up for us.  We are building an ASRS system and
are starting to get rid of bound volumes of titles that we also have
access to in JSTOR.

Our first step is to offer them to other libraries in the state through
our MOBIUS consortium.  If no other libraries want them, we are looking
at contracting out to a local paper stock company called Batliner.  It
looks like they are owned by Pioneer Industries, which owns similar
outlets in other cities

Buddy Pennington
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Subject: [SERIALST] Recycling bound journals

Mary's posting (below) prompted me to ask a related question.  As
libraries increase their numbers of electronic subscriptions and
purchase electronic backfiles to replace bound journals, what are they
doing with the bound journals they no longer have space for or need?  In
our case neither onsite compact shelving or offsite storage are options.
Are you recycling them locally or do you know of services that can
handle this kind of material?
We hate to just throw them away.  Thanks for your assistance and I'll
summarize the responses I received.

Diana Ryan
Director of Collection Management
Scott Memorial Library
Thomas Jefferson University

Date:    Wed, 5 Mar 2008 13:17:34 -0600
From:    Mary Williams <mary.williams@MINOTSTATEU.EDU>
Subject: Recycling

Does anyone use a service that will recycle microfiche, microfilm, and
CD-ROM discs?



Mary Williams
Serials Librarian
Minot State University
500 University Ave. W
Minot, ND  58707

(701) 858-4285


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