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Re: question re: MFHD Frieda Rosenberg 17 Mar 2008 13:38 UTC

Hi Rebecca--If there is no parallel numbering, you would not add a $g.
Just add your new series numbering.
If you are missing the first issue of volume 3, your summary holding
works fine.

Kemp, Rebecca wrote:

>Hi, all- I am new to MFHD and reporting local holdings in OCLC, so I
>have a question regarding a title for which I want to report holdings.
>The title is Philosophia Christi, and we have only a few volumes in the
>new series.  I was looking for an example of this type of holdings in
>the NASIGuide, and this is what I found, on
> :
>853 	01 	$8 1 $a v. $i (year)
>863 	40 	$8 1.1 $a 1-40 $i 1940-1979
>853 	01 	$8 2 $a new ser.:v. $i (year) $g old ser.:v.
>863 	01 	$8 2.1 $a 1-35 $i 1980-2004 $g 41-75
>Displays as: 	v.1-40(1940-1979)
>new ser.:v.1-35(1980-2004)=old ser.:v.41-75
>Should I use this model, using 853 $a new ser:v , even though there is
>not a parallel numbering scheme for an old series?  And how should I
>represent this in the summary holdings view?  Should it read "New series
>v.1:1(1999)-v.2:2(2000), v.3:2(2001)"?
>Thanks for considering,
>Rebecca Kemp
>Serials Coordinator Librarian
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