Survey: Are you working with Electronic Medical Records systems (EMRS) development? Ellero, Nadine P. *HS 19 Mar 2008 13:41 UTC

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Dear Colleague,

We desire your assistance in exploring the activities and roles that
health sciences librarians are, have been, or would like to be involved
with in setting up components of electronic medical records systems
(EMRS). It is our hypothesis that librarians, particularly cataloging
librarians, possess many skills that parallel processes associated with
the institution of an electronic medical records system.

The link below will lead you to an exploratory survey which should take
approximately 10 minutes of your time.  The survey will be open until
Friday, April 18, 2008.

Your participation is completely voluntary and the information that you
provide in the survey will be anonymous.  Your name will not be
collected or linked to the data.  Because of the nature of the data, it
may be possible to deduce your identity, however, there will be no
attempt to do so and your data will be reported in a way that will not
identify you.

Results of this Survey will be incorporated into a talk to be presented
at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association, Chicago, May

If you have any questions regarding this study, please contact:

Nadine P. Ellero, Principal Investigator

Intellectual Access Librarian

Claude Moore Health Sciences Library


Andrea S. Horne, Co-Investigator

Associate Director for Information Services

Claude Moore Health Sciences Library