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Another Blackwell example:

FEBS Journal
>From 2005 to present
Formerly known as the European Journal of Biochemistry

All on under the title FEBS Journal with no mention of the European
Journal of Biochemistry.  Although, I give them credit for making all
content open access after a year :)

Here's the URL:

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Apologies for cross-posting.

We know we've run across several examples of e-journals that appear on a
provider's site under the latest title only, even though some issues in
the archives were originally published under an earlier title.
Conversely we've seen e-journals where one title is divided between 2
URLs because part of the run is in the backfiles and the rest in current

But now we've been asked to provide some examples on short notice, and
we're scrambling to identify titles and websites where these kinds of
problems can be seen.

If you've encountered some of these titles/sites recently and can help
us identify examples, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Patty Glasson
Serials Cataloging Specialist
Purdue University