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Hello Mary,
Please see my answers below.

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I have searched the archives and did not see any recent discussion on this
topic (maybe I didn't search well enough), but I'm wondering what other
libraries are doing about displaying current issues of their print periodicals.
We are going to have a discussion about whether this is something should
continue or not and I was hoping to have insights from others before we
discussed it as a library here. I have listed some of the questions/concerns I
have about displaying current issues of periodicals. We are an academic
library, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who would like to

1. Do you still display current issues of your periodicals? Why? If you
don't display current issues, why not?


2. If you display, what do you do about titles you purchase online only?
Have patrons been confused because a title they were looking for is not on
the current issue display because it is only available online?

We display the link to the online issue in the catalog.

3. If you display, do you display all your print titles, or how do you
determine what to display?


4. If you display, how do you display them?

We have them arranged alphabetically by title.

5. If you do not display your current issues, how have the
faculty/staff/students reacted to not having them displayed?

6. Any other insights/comments you may have if you've already had this
conversation on your campus.

I appreciate any and all comments.



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