Re: displaying current issues Stacey Krim 03 Sep 2008 12:10 UTC

Good morning,

We are a medium sized academic library, as well.  We have a current
periodicals section where all our print journals are lying flat, plus a
separate serials browsing section in which about 40 of the most recent
issues of popular magazines are displayed.  Print journals remain in current
periodicals until we can guarantee online coverage or microfilm those issues
or until we have enough to bind (we give our serials LC numbers to be
shelved in the stacks).

Journal titles in our browsing section were determined by our Collection
Development Committee.  Although the section is new, I've noticed heavy use
of the section, as the shelving makes the magazine covers and titles more
apparent to patrons.  We have comfortable seating around the area, so our
patrons will use it to relax during breaks or between classes.
Additionally, the browsing shelves make it much easier for the disabled to
access those titles, as the browsing shelving is considerably lower than the
flat shelving we use in current periodicals.

In the instances of journals being online only, all serials titles can be
found in our online catalog through Journal Finder, so we do not have many
problems with patrons finding and accessing the material.

Overall, I think having a current periodicals section makes the library a more
user-friendly environment.  Although we have significantly reduced our serials
print collection, I think it is in the library's best interest to retain at
least a browsing collection of popular titles to cultivate an image of the
library as a pleasant place to meet and relax.

Stacey Krim
Serials Department
Walter Clinton Jackson Library
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro NC 27402-6170
(336) 334-5498

Mary Logue wrote:
> I have searched the archives and did not see any recent discussion on this
> topic (maybe I didn't search well enough), but I'm wondering what other
> libraries are doing about displaying current issues of their print
> periodicals. We are going to have a discussion about whether this is
> something should continue or not and I was hoping to have insights from
> others before we discussed it as a library here. I have listed some of the
> questions/concerns I have about displaying current issues of periodicals. We
> are an academic library, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who
> would like to respond.
> 1. Do you still display current issues of your periodicals? Why? If you
> don't display current issues, why not?
> 2. If you display, what do you do about titles you purchase online only?
> Have patrons been confused because a title they were looking for is not on
> the current issue display because it is only available online?
> 3. If you display, do you display all your print titles, or how do you
> determine what to display?
> 4. If you display, how do you display them?
> 5. If you do not display your current issues, how have the
> faculty/staff/students reacted to not having them displayed?
> 6. Any other insights/comments you may have if you've already had this
> conversation on your campus.
> I appreciate any and all comments.
> Thanks,
> Mary
> Mary Logue
> Assistant Librarian
> Westmont College, Voskuyl Library
> 955 La Paz Road Santa Barbara, CA 93108
> 805-565-6144