Re: tracking claims with Millennium? Lisa A. Ladd 04 Sep 2008 12:39 UTC

Greetings Renee,

I do use Millenium to track claims.  The easiest way to do it, is pull a review file of the records you want searched.  In my case, I have a review file of all current serials that are received at my library.  I then do the following.

Go into the claiming module, and at the top where it indicates "range" drop the menu down to "review" and select your review file of records you want searched.  Millenium will only show you records it believes needs to be claimed.  The improvement to this process is you are in update mode, so you can manipulate the records (change transaction dates etc, ) if you need to.  I try and run the claims module once a month, though in reality its probably once every six weeks.

Once the claims are in the file, our Acquisitions dept. posts them to the various vendors, or prints them for those who do no not have electronic data interchange with us.

Feel free to email me if you have further questions about the process.

Good luck. Lisa

Lisa Ladd
Kresge Library
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755