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Hello Kaolin,

I never saw a response to your query, so here is an attempt.

Digital or online periodicals come from several sources: single journals direct from the publisher or through a subscription agent; a package of journals belonging to one publisher, either from the publisher or through an agent; a package of journals from various publishers, usually all on one 'hosting' service; full text in aggregated databases from secondary publishers (such as EBSCO Publishing or Gale/Cengage or InfoTrac).

Some libraries create a Web page with an alphabetical list of all their electronic titles, and include links to the publisher or hosting site.  These days, you will more often see a library purchase such a listing service.  We commonly call them A-to-Z lists.  The service provider maintains the links and other data (such as titles changes, change in backfile access, etc.).  Some of those providers include Serials Solutions, EBSCO and TDNet.

Many academic and public libraries do not restrict access to their A-to-Z list.  Try almost any college or university Web site, and you'll probably be able to see their A-to-Z list.  You probably will not, however, be able to link to and view the content of the electronic journals.  You'd need to be an authenticated user to do that.

Hope this helps.

Katy G.

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I'm trying to understand the landscape of digital periodicals--partially
where you get them from, but more especially how you make them available
to patrons--do you provide hardware, files, some combination thereof?

Anything you could describe about your situation would be most appreciated!

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