Version 2.0 Transfer Code of Practice Release Today Acreman, Beverley 22 Sep 2008 10:48 UTC

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On behalf of the UKSG I am delighted to announce that following
extensive consultation Version 2.0 of the Transfer Code of Practice has
been released and is available here:

The TRANSFER Code of Practice responds to the expressed needs of the
scholarly journal community for consistent guidelines to help publishers
ensure that journal content remains easily accessible by librarians and
readers when there is a transfer between parties, and to ensure that the
transfer process occurs with minimum disruption.  Publishers are being
asked to publicly endorse and follow the Code of Practice which is a set
of voluntary "best practices" for the industry.  Assuming the Code of
Practice succeeds in gaining broad acceptance, the TRANSFER Working
Group will consider some next steps, which may include establishing a
more formal international committee composed of librarians, publishers,
societies, agents and other interested parties.  The committee could
consider such issues as:

* The development of guidelines for publishers on practical aspects of
implementing the Code of Practice.
* The development of a simple TRANSFER Alerting Service to provide a
central location for publishers to register basic details of transfers
that would be openly available to libraries and other interested
* The development of policies and procedures for ongoing oversight of
the Code, conducting periodic reviews of the effectiveness of the Code
and considering future revisions to the Code.

The Code and any policies and procedures developed around the Code will
be guided by openness and fairness and will be to the benefit of
libraries, readers, users and other consumers. With the release of the
publishers are being asked to sign up to the Code by emailing <>  and stating
that they endorse the Code.  Publishers endorsing the Code will be
listed on the Publisher Endorsement page at

About the UKSG ( <BLOCKED::> )

The UK Serials Group (UKSG) exists to encourage the exchange of ideas on
printed and electronic serials and the process of scholarly
communication. In a dynamic environment, the UKSG works to:

* promote discussion and the free flow of information on serials matters
and associated technology
* develop links between all parties in the serials information chain
encourage professional awareness,
* stimulate research and provide a programme of training and education

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bev Acreman
UKSG Marketing Officer
Global Marketing & Customer Services Director, Taylor & Francis
<> <>

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