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Re: Cataloging a flash drive Marie Peterson 23 Sep 2008 16:09 UTC

We also received this flash drive.

After consulting with the subject selector, we printed the files, had them
bound (pamphlet binding) in-house in our Preservation Department, and added
them to the print record.

There was some discussion about this on the Serials list a couple of months
ago, when the flash drives first starting arriving in various libraries.

Marie Peterson, M.L.S.
Technical Services Associate
Continuing Resources/CTS
134 Lockwood Library
SUNY University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY  14260-2210

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> Subject: [SERIALST] Cataloging a flash drive
> Recently we received a flash drive that came on our subscription to the
> Journal of Great Lakes Research.  The flash drive contains two pdf
> files, one for the abstracts and one for the program of the 51st annual
> Conference on Great Lakes Research in May 2008.  A half-sheet of paper
> accompanying the flash drive said that this was a "green initiative" to
> reduce paper at the annual conference.  Up until now, the program and
> abstracts have been published in paper.  In the recent past, we have
> cataloged the program as a serial and the abstracts as another serial.
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> We think we will be keeping the flash drive and housing it in our media
> collection with other kinds of accompanying software.  Has anyone ever
> cataloged a flash drive, or do you have any suggestions for how to do
> it?  As an alternative, someone suggested we could print off the PDFs
> and catalog and bind them.  What would you do?
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> Thanks for any advice!
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> Lori Osmus Kappmeyer
> Head, Cataloging & Metadata Department
> Iowa State University Library
> Ames, IA 50011
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