Wall Street Journal mid-year price changes Charles L. King 24 Sep 2008 21:24 UTC

For at least 3 years running, the Wall Street Journal (subscribe to via
EBSCO) has stopped delivery to us and the other branches.  The reason given,
when we call to find out where our issues are, is that they had unforeseen
costs so they recalculated the cost of the subscription and cut them short.
I don't know if this is something they do only to institutions, or if they
do this to individual subscribers as well, but it strikes me as a  way to
alienate customers.

Our EBSCO rep was informed by the WSJ that letters were sent to all their
subscribers (nobody at any of the 30 subscribing branches has seen one)
informing subscribers of the change in the subscription period.

Mainly I am curious if anyone on the mainland is being treated this way, but
I am also curious if anyone can explain this (to me) contract breaking.
I've had it explained to me that our academic journals may have a price
change, as our subscription period may not fit with their publishing year,
so we are paying for the remaining part of one publishing year, and the
beginning part of another publishing year where the price may have changed.
But our WSJ subscriptions are January through December, which seems to be a
standard subscription period.

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