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- News from the MIT Press Journals
- Portland Press Limited to publish a new Open Access journal
- Wiley-Blackwell 2009 Subscriptions and Licensing Options

Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 11:35:47 -0400
From: Alison Jordan <ajordan@MIT.EDU>
Subject: FW: MIT Press

News from the MIT Press Journals


For immediate release:
September 22, 2008

For more information, contact
Alison Jordan, Promotions Coordinator at MIT Press Journals


*2009 pricing now available*

New 2009 pricing for all journal titles is now available online.
Please visit the MIT Press Journals website for more information and
to download 2009 pricing information.


*MIT Press introduces the new International Journal of Learning and

The International Journal of Learning and Media (IJLM), forthcoming
in February 2009, provides an international forum for scholars,
researchers and practitioners to explore the relationship between
emerging forms of media and learning. Through scholarly articles,
editorials, case studies, and an active online network, IJLM will
publish contributions that address the theoretical, textual,
historical, and sociological dimensions of media and learning, as
well as the practical and political issues at stake.  Published
quarterly by The MIT Press, in partnership with the Monterey
Institute for Technology in Education, and with support from the John
D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. 

David Buckingham, Tara McPherson, and Katie Salen, Editors.

Please visit: to learn more


*Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neural Computation No Longer
on Highwire as of 1/1/2009*

Beginning 1/1/2009 MITP's Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and
Neural Computation will no longer be available on Highwire Press, but
will continue to be accessible on the MIT Press Journals' site. Many
of the features HighWire users are accustomed to can be found on and you should note very few differences. It is
our hope that this transition will be seamless and smooth for all of
our current HighWire users. The one area where you may notice a
short-term difference is in access to the full-text HTML for back
issues of JOCN and NECO. It is necessarily a lengthy process to
convert our current .pdf files over to full-text HTML and this will
take some time. The .pdf versions of all JOCN and NECO articles going
back to Vol 1, Issue 1, are available now on and
will remain so. Full-text HTML for the archive will appear later in




*The Washington Quarterly Moves to Taylor and Francis*

Starting with Volume 32 in 2009, The Washington Quarterly will be
moving to Taylor and Francis and will no longer be published by MIT
Press. Issues will continue to be available online at until the end of 2009. Please

for details regarding 2009 subscriptions.

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 12:24:40 +0100
From: Kerry Cole <>
Subject: Portland Press Limited to publish a new Open Access journal

American Society for Neurochemistry chooses Portland Press Limited to
publish its new journal ASN NEURO.

ASN NEURO will be launched in 2009 as an Open Access journal to further
the Society's mission to advance, promote, support, encourage and
facilitate communication among investigators in the cellular and
molecular neuroscience community.

ASN have appointed a distinguished member of the international
neuroscience community as the first Editor-in-Chief: Professor Anthony
T. Campagnoni, who holds the Coates Chair in Neuroscience, Semel
Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behaviour, UCLA, has agreed to
provide the editorial leadership for this exciting new addition to
scholarly publishing.

ASN NEURO will develop a range of specific knowledge environments to
represent the broader scope and aims of the ASN, namely: Cell, Molecular
and Developmental Neurobiology; Cell Signalling and Neurophysiology:
Nervous System Metabolism; Architecture of the Nervous System;
Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection; Biology of Glia; Brain Injury and
Repair; Inflammation and Immune Response in the Nervous System.

"We look forward to developing a successful publishing partnership with
the ASN and Professor Campagnoni, and are delighted that ASN have
selected Portland Press to help them to realise their vision for ASN
NEURO" said Rhonda Oliver, Managing Director of Portland Press Limited.

"The ASN Officers and Council are excited by the innovative online open
access formats that Portland Press is developing for ASN NEURO.  We are
confident that with Professor Campagnoni's leadership, ASN NEURO will
become a strong new voice, representing the traditional themes of our
Society while offering novel possibilities for rapid, open access
publication of complex data in multiple, media formats" said Monica
Carson, President of ASN.

"I am delighted to be asked by the ASN to serve as the first
Editor-in-Chief of ASN NEURO. This new online journal will present many
advantages to authors: very rapid publication, free colour figures,
personal copyright of papers, and fewer constraints than print journals
in the way information is presented. I look forward to the challenges of
launching this new journal devoted to publishing high-quality
manuscripts reporting important advances in all areas of Neuroscience"
said Professor Anthony Campagnoni

All inquiries concerning the future launch of ASN NEURO should be
directed to or sign up for further
information at

Additional information

Founded in 1969, the ASN is a thriving membership-based learned society.
Please visit for more information on ASN.

Professor Campagnoni is an internationally known expert in the molecular
biology of myelination.  He has been a member of the ASN for over 35
years, attending almost all of its meetings during that period.  His
primary research interests have been in the molecular and developmental
regulation of oligodendrocyte function and myelination.  Most recently
he has been actively studying alternative functions of the myelin
protein genes, particularly those of a second family of proteins
expressed by the myelin basic protein gene in neurons, glia and cells of
the immune system.  The goal of his laboratory is to understand the
function of these MBP gene products in the immune and nervous system.

Portland Press Limited is the not-for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of
the Biochemical Society. It publishes a number of highly regarded
journals in the cellular and molecular life sciences and was the winner
of the 2007 ALPSP Charlesworth Award for best online journal in 2007.
For further details on Portland Press Limited, please visit

Kerry Cole
Head of Marketing and Sales
Portland Press Ltd / The Biochemical Society
Commerce Way
Colchester CO2 8HP
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1206 796351
Fax: +44 (0)1206 798650

Portland Press Ltd registered in England and Wales No. 2453983. Registered
Office: 3rd Floor Eagle House, 16 Procter Street, London, WC1V 6NX. VAT
registration number GB 523 2392 69. Portland Customer Services is a
division of Portland Press Ltd.

Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 00:07:13 +0100
From: "Gillingham, Emily - Oxford" <>
Subject: Wiley-Blackwell 2009 Subscriptions and Licensing Options

Dear all

We would like to take the opportunity to clarify some issues relating to
the new subscription and licensing options available for Wiley-Blackwell
journals in 2009.  You will find a full and transparent explanation of the
new options and how the changes affect Wiley and Blackwell customers on
our website here:  If you
have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to contact your
Wiley-Blackwell Account Manager or me directly.

In 2009, customers can choose to subscribe to Wiley-Blackwell journals in
one of two main ways:

1. Through title-by-title subscriptions, with no limitations on
cancellations or minimum requirements.

In 2009, most journals from Wiley-Blackwell are available in the following
three subscription options:

- Print Only ? 100% of the list price
- Online Only ? 100% of the list price
- Print and Online ? 110% of the list price

All subscribers with online access to any journal are entitled to the
following benefits in 2009:

- Free access to COUNTER-compliant usage data
- Unlimited concurrent users
- Free course-pack use and walk-in user access
- Campus-wide access across a single site, defined as a single,
geographically contiguous office building, complex, or campus location. It
is not a mailing address and may include more than one library and dial-in
access via the licensee's secure network.  This is consistent with both
Wiley and Blackwell?s earlier policies.  If you are unsure whether your
institution qualifies, please contact us directly.
- Access to content dating back to 1997 (where available) during the
subscription year 2009, excluding issues in Backfile Collections
- Perpetual access to content back to 1997 (where available)

Please note that for customers who previously held a Standard subscription
to a Blackwell journal, we will be sending you a renewal notice for a
Print Only subscription in 2009.  If you would like to switch to an Online
Only or Print and Online subscription, please notify your agent or our
Journal Customer Services department promptly.

2.  Through the Wiley Online License.

Institutional customers may choose to commit to multi-year deals and convert their current Wiley-Blackwell subscriptions (Core Collection) to online only, if they haven?t already, in exchange for an agreed annual price increase cap.  Academic customers are entitled to multi-site access for subscriptions held under a Wiley Online License.  Customers who choose this route to content can take advantage of the following options in 2009:

- Adding access to a Standard Collection of Wiley-Blackwell titles; Full,
STM, SSH, or M&N

- Building a Custom Collection or Sharing Access to titles held by other
members within your consortium.  Collection access is priced at a small
fraction of the subscription price of the unsubscribed titles

- Adding online books, major reference works, databases, Current Protocols
and journal backfiles as an addendum to your Wiley Online License

- Adding Article Select Tokens to your account, to access journal articles
and book chapters in unsubscribed titles

- Adding print at the deeply discounted rate of 15% of the list price
(Previously Wiley?s deep discount price was 10% and Blackwell?s was 20%)

All customers with expiring Wiley or Blackwell licenses will be migrated
from the existing models to the new Wiley Online License, but until then
we will continue to honor the terms of the existing licenses.  For more
information on licensing online access to Wiley-Blackwell titles please
contact your Account Manager

- Wiley?s Online Platform

All Wiley-Blackwell?s 1400+ journals are now available on Wiley
InterScience.  For the Library/Customer Administration area, we have
matched most Synergy and Wiley InterScience accounts so you will be able
to manage all your Wiley and Blackwell journals using your existing Wiley
InterScience Administrator login here:  If you do not already have a
Wiley InterScience administrator ID, please contact your Account Manager
or go to and log a request to be
sent one.

Since we began consulting with users and customers on the requirements for
our new next-generation online platform for all Wiley products, we have
developed an ambitious plan which will begin to roll out in mid 2009.
This new service will be based on new underlying architecture, will
include new features and functionality for researchers, authors and
librarians, and will have a new interface based on extensive user research
and feedback.  It will deliver benefits for all those seeking, serving and
authoring research across the many subject communities and society
partnerships with whom we work.  The first release of the new platform is
currently scheduled for July 2009 with further enhancements delivered in
subsequent releases on an ongoing basis.  More information about the new
service and the launch plan will follow in due course.

- Usage Data Update

We are pleased to report that Wiley InterScience now provides
COUNTER-compliant usage data for journals and we now appear on the Project
COUNTER list of compliant vendors.  The usage data for all Blackwell
journals for the period since July 2008 is available to download from
Wiley InterScience now.  We still need to do some work in mapping
Blackwell usage data to the correct customers on Wiley InterScience so
usage data for the period January to June 2008 will be added to Wiley
InterScience later in 2008, followed by usage data reports for the period
January 2006 to December 2007.

- Renewal Notices and Customer Account Numbers

Last month we successfully merged the Blackwell subscription management
system into the Wiley subscription management system.  For former
Blackwell subscribers this will mean a change to your customer and
subscription reference numbers.  Some payment information and ?remit to?
instructions will also change.  All these changes will be notified to
customers with your 2009 renewal instructions.  Please pay close attention
when you receive these notices in the next few weeks and as you place your
orders for 2009.  If you have any questions or concerns about your 2009
renewal instructions, please don?t hesitate to contact your Account
Manager or Journal Customer Services or your usual subscription agent.
Tax treatment and country rules will be applied consistently across all
Wiley products and services.  Please refer to our payment and ordering
information on Wiley InterScience for more information on Australian GST,
Canadian GST and European Union VAT.

- Multi-Currency Pricing

Wiley and Blackwell formerly priced in different currencies in different
regions.  Beginning in 2009, we will use a single currency in each region,
as follows:

Americas: US dollar (USD)
Europe: Euro (EUR)
UK: Pounds Sterling (GBP)
Rest of the World: US dollar (USD)

The exchange rates used to convert to these currencies are those published
for June 16, 2008.  The exchange rates will be updated annually.

- New and Transfer Journals

Wiley-Blackwell continues its position as the world?s leading society
publisher, publishing for more scholarly and professional societies and
membership associations than anybody else.  We are pleased to report
several major journal titles which are already confirmed as transferring
to our list and to Wiley InterScience for 2009.  These include such titles
as Stem Cells, Protein Science, Economic Geography, The Laryngoscope,
Biofactors, and the journals of the World Council of Churches.

In 2009 we will be launching new journals for which you can opt-in for
complimentary access, including EMBO Molecular Medicine, Reviews in
Aquaculture, Review of Behavioral Finance, Clinical Obesity, Orthopedic
Surgery and Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine.  In addition, we will be
launching the first of the WIRES (Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews) hybrid
publications which combine the most powerful features of online reference
works and review journals.  The first title to launch, for which you can
opt-in for access, is WIRES Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology, followed
by WIRES Computational Statistics and WIRES Cognitive Science.

- Journal Customer Services

We continue to offer global customer service including telephone and email
support 24 x 5 and self-help online support 24 x 7.  Many answers to
Frequently Asked Questions and the contact information for our customer
services departments and your Wiley-Blackwell Account Manager are
available on our site here:

Many thanks for your continued support for Wiley-Blackwell journals in
2009 and we do apologise for any inconvenience caused by the bringing
together of our systems, policies and practices.  We are doing our best to
make this as quick and as smooth as we can and look forward to working
with you over the coming year.

Best wishes,

Emily Gillingham
Director, Library and Institutional Marketing
John Wiley & Sons
Tel: +44 1865 476425
Fax: +44 1865 471425