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At our institution, the default policy (bar for Art and Archaeology journals and newsmagazines) is to select the strictly electronic option, provided that there is an adequate guarantee of post-cancellation access (via JSTOR, Portico, or a licensing agreement with a particular publisher).  Hence, titles received in print and electronic format are not treated differently than titles received strictly in print, because the electronic access in these cases is considered insecure.   We bind selectively.  The criteria for binding have changed quite a bit over the years in accordance with institutional priorities and differ between the main library and the branch library.  Generally, physical format is at this time the key consideration.  If something can stand up on the shelf like a paperback book, we seldom (if ever) send it to the bindery.  All print issues are checked in bar daily newspapers.  At our main library, we also code most titles on arrival; they are placed on the current periodicals display until the year or bibliographic volume of which they are a part is superceded, at which time they are placed in our onsite automated storage.  A selection of titles are stored in archival boxes or are sent to the bindery, so are not coded.  At our branch, there is no current display and all pieces are coded on arrival.  IW

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Hello Cynthia and All.

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Of course there are are always specific exceptions, However:
<<1.  Keep the print issues for that journal? ?>>

YES.  If we are NOT guaranteed access to the electronic (ie. Available on our LOCKSS system ; Part of PubMed Central ; JSTOR etc)

<<2. If you keep the issues, do you check them it?>>

YES.  We do check them in.  As a state Institution, when audited, we have to show something for having used state funds for the subscriptions.   (Check the Serialist Archives for Issue Checkin.  Others have explained it more eloquently than I)

<<3. If you keep the issues, so you bind them?>>

YES to Bind: (In most Cases)
         Extreme Example.  Diabetes  Starting with the July 2008 issue, issues will be archived on PubMed Central and be available after a 12 months embargo.

2009 Price:
Print + online to 5 IP specific addresses (workstations) = $ 709.00 Site wide access is available (no print issues included) = at $1695

If you are scrambling to save money to buy as much as you can which would you chose?

NO to Bind:  Examples
     PNAS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences   This title is free without registration after a 6 months embargo.  The title is also availble on PubMed Central.  2009 Print Only price $ 2,095.00    Online Only $ 2,400.00.   Difference of $ 305.00. Last year the difference was much greater.

Titles are guaranteed accessible on PubMed Central after time period AND there is NO Online only rates.

Journal of the Amer. Med. Informatics Ass. (Embargo: 12 m.) PubMed Genes & development Free after  6 m. Tier 3 Genome Research Free after  6 m. Tier 3 American journal of pathology.  Free after 6 mo.

Just letting off some frustration so my weekend will be a little better.

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*Please excuse cross-postings.*


I was wondering if those of you who receive both print and electronic for a journal title:

1.  Keep the print issues for that journal?
2. If you keep the issues, do you check them it?
3. If you keep the issues, so you bind them?

Any information that can be provided would be helpful.


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