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Fame and Fortune: Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award Nancy J Gibbs 29 Sep 2008 21:34 UTC

Please post the following to Serialst. Thank you, Nancy Gibbs


Yes, the subject line is correct.  Fame (public recognition and a giant
plaque) and Fortune ($1500).  That's what awaits one of your staff or
peers or a nominated group whose application you put forward to the awards
committee.  As chair of the ALCTS committee and with my two colleagues, we
will select the 2009 winner of the Leadership in Library Acquisitions

Leadership in Library Acquisitions Award
Deadline for nominations is December 1.

This award of $1,500, donated by Harrassowitz Company, is given to
recognize the contributions by and outstanding leadership of an individual
to the field of acquisitions librarianship. This recognition is made for
individual achievement of a high order in this area.

1.      Nominees must have demonstrated leadership related to acquisitions
librarianship, which has contributed significantly to improvements in the
2.      Nominees must have demonstrated achievement in the field of
acquisitions as evidenced by one or more of the following:
contributions to professional associations;
contributions to the literature including research;
contributions to the education of acquisitions professionals; and
contributions to the advancement of the profession.
3.      Two letters of reference.
4.      Employees of the Harrassowitz Company are not eligible to receive
the award. Submission Procedure
Each nomination shall include:
1.      Relevant biographical information, e.g., name, address,
positions(s) held, place of employment, phone numbers, educational
2.      Statement of work and/or professional experience, professional
activities, honors, and any other factors relevant to the nominee; and
3.      Two letters of reference, sent directly to the chair from the
author, not via the nominee. The award may be divided among two or more
individuals who have participated jointly in the achievement for which it
is granted.

Nancy Jean Gibbs (Chair--2008 - 2009)
Head of Acquisitions
Duke University Perkins Library
PO Box 90187
Durham, NC 27708-0187

Work: (919) 684-5637
Fax: (919) 660-5987

Please help the profession take notice of your colleague(s) who have made
significant contributions by nominating them before the December 1, 2008
deadline.  The Committee and I look forward to your response.

Scott Wicks
Karl Debus-Lopez,
Nancy Gibbs, Chair