Nonprofit almanac 2008 Jack Hall 05 Sep 2008 20:31 UTC

OCLC 191010087 (LCCN 2008001347) is a DLC monograph recordfor The
nonprofit almanac 2008, published by Urban Institute Press. aI wonder
if it might actually be a continuation of the older Nonprofit
almanac, published by Jossey-Bass, and treated as a serial (OCLC
25101664, LCCN 92648250). That title ceased in 1997, and there is a
785 field for: New nonprofit almanac & desk reference, still with
Jossey-Bass as publisher (OCLC 49629220, not a DLC record) and that
title was published only once, in 2002.

I don't find evidence of the title after 2002 until the present issue
in 2008, which is published by the Urban Institute Press rather than
Jossey Bass. The Jossey-Bass serial record has these notes:
500  "Dimensions of the independent sector."
550  Issued by: Independent Sector.

and I find by googling the independentsector website saying about
Nonprofit almanac (2002) :
"Joint Independent Sector and Urban Institute Resource." That ties
the Joint Independent Sector to the Urban Institute, and the Jossey
Bass serial record has notes about the Joint Independent Sector.

I hope this makes some sense, and I wonder if others feel that the
new 2008 Urban Institute publication is a revival of the serial,
several years later.

Thanks, Jack

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