Linking and Haworth Titles, etc. Sitko, Michelle 08 Sep 2008 17:18 UTC

Of course, you are probably best off working your problems out with Haworth.
However,I passed what transpired by our web master and he suggested the
following that may be of some additional interest. Basic stuff, but could
help in improving understanding. He sent me to this chart of web-browser
statistics, that is, which browsers people use often:

Firefox is a standards compliant browser, so things tend to work better
there.  IE is not always standards compliant, so there are times when things
don't load correctly.  Many times, web teams
must include work-around code to get things to work correctly in IE.

A few of you mentioned Camino in emails to me but you will note that Camino
isn't even listed - below 0.5 percent usage. (Though it is partially based
on Mozilla code- so it is a semi-Firefox)
Most web designers haven't even heard of it, much less made special tests or
allocations to test with. Also, neither will Adobe; it is likely that the
problems some people encountered had-- had to do with the state of their
Acrobat plug-in or Acrobat version. Firefox (and IE to a great degree) get
preferential treatment from Adobe to make sure that Acrobat is streamlined
to work inside their broswers. So, if you use Camino, or Opera, or Google's
new Chrome, you need to keep a secondary browser to test with.

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