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University Press and Ebsco Parks, Molly 09 Sep 2008 16:38 UTC

Hello All,

Is anyone else having this experience? And how are you handling it?
Recently we have received notification from at least two University
Presses and difficulties working with Ebsco.

A letter in April from one of the presses stated they had discontinued
their relationship with Ebsco subscription management system. We would
have to order directly from them.

Another university press sent a letter encouraging direct renewal as the
press's early renewal/advance payment did not get passed on to them.
Instead, the press will would not receive renewal orders until December.
And we were encouraged to renew directly.

Consolidation of our periodicals is very important to the operation of
our Serials Department.

Any experiences are welcome.

Molly Parks

Library Assistant

Acquisitions/Serials Dept.

Loyola Marymount University