Re: Donating journals, redux Susan Wishnetsky 09 Sep 2008 21:31 UTC

At 12:35 PM 9/9/2008, you wrote:
>I found this in one of our medical journals ....
>Individuals who wish to subscribe at a reduced rate must declare
>informally that the subscription is for their own private use.  It will
>not replace any institutional subscription and it will not be put at the
>disposal of any library."
>One could assume from this that one cannot therefore donate old
>issues to any library.

I suspect they couldn't really enforce this *forever*.  Adding issues to
the collection many years late can't reasonably be seen as replacing
an institutional subscription.  A library that would wait that long probably
wasn't going to subscribe anyway, even without the donor.

I believe the American Society for Investigative Pathology used to
actually place such a time restriction, of five years, on the covers of
its personal-subscriber issues, something like "Library use prohibited
before 2010" or whatever year was five years after publication.

Maybe five years isn't a safe period of time to wait before adding a
journal like the one you describe, but there's gotta be *some* time
period after which it is okay.  Can any legal eagles out there confirm
or disagree?  SW

PS: I'm curious about the title of the journal you mentioned.

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