Re: FW: serial changing format from book to CD-Rom Steven C Shadle 09 Sep 2008 22:02 UTC

Personally, I would shoot off a message or call the publisher and ask them if they are no longer distributing the title in print.  If it will no longer be available in print, then it's a change of format (major change) and I would create a successive record.  Having said that, locally you can do whatever you want to, but the OCLC master record should reflect reality.

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On Tue, 9 Sep 2008, Pat Fowler wrote:

>> I have in front of me the Operating budget of one of our state universities.  From the early 90s until FY 2007/8 this has come to us in hard copy.  For the current FY we only received a pdf file on CD-ROM.  It's exactly the same serial document, but the format (for this year at least) has changed.
>> I need suggestions as how to handle this change.  I've searched the archives but don't see this exact situation.  I would prefer to use the same serial record because it would be much easier for our patrons.  Must I create a new record for this?
>> I will appreciate any help.
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