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Hi, I like the anecdote!!  I, as a first year librarian, am so wet behind
the ears.  I also use Houchen bindery, but they go up on their prices
without telling me until I get the shipment in with the invoice.  The latest
price hike was in June and I found out in August and went to the Graduate
Studies person and told them about the price increase, where upon she
explained to me that the student should not have to swallow the price
increase.  This did not go over well with my director.  So we are looking
for a policy on binding theses that everyone can live with.

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One library where I used to work also provided this service. Usually, it
wasn't much of a problem.

This story is over 20 years old, but I still vacillate between laughing
and being glad I didn't really KNOW the person involved.  A PhD
candidate came to the library and wanted us to bind 7 (Seven!) personal
copies of his dissertation.  Since we did bind extra copies, we agreed
thinking he'd be giving them to parents, grandparents, etc and it was
HIS money to spend!

Then he carefully looked at each one before handing them over.  He
actually had 7 different "acknowledgment" pages.  One was the sort of
normal "thank mom and dad and major professor" type.

The other 6 had slightly different acknowledgements to something like
"Mary Smith, love of my life" in one; to "Jane Doe without whose love I
would not have been able to complete this work", and the list went on!
It sure looked like he was running 6 different romantic relationships
while working on his PhD.  Must have been a busy boy!  And pretty
inventive to think of just the slight change in the acknowledgements
would make them all happy.

JoAnne Deeken
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We provide this service to our students, too. We have them fill out a
form. We charge them $11 for spine stamping with the title only, $18 for
the title on spine, plus front stamping. (This is just enough to cover
our costs.) Their only choice is black with white stamping.  They go out
with the rest of the monthly journals for binding and they come back the
next month.  We use Houchen from Utica, NE, and have not had many
problems.  No, I don't like doing it, but my boss is big on customer
service, works in the graduate departments more and thinks it is a great
service for us to offer, so yes, now we have it included on the library
website, though we had enough business just by word of mouth, IMHO. Our
bindery requires the slips that come in to be typed, so you need someone
to type them.

It is really not that much of a big deal, once you incorporate it in
your regular workflow.

Karen Bolton
Serials Librarian

Milwaukee School of Engineering
Walter Schroeder Library
1025 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI

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Our library does the thesis binding along with the binding journals.
is posing as a problem for us to provide this service to Graduate
because of the time and labor I have to provide in taking care that the
thesis is processed correctly.  What are your thoughts on this and do
have url links to binding policies at your universities?

Loretta J Hartsell


Dunagan Library

University of Texas of the Permain  Basin

4901 E University

Odessa, TX 79762