Re: FW: serial changing format from book to CD-Rom Aline Soules 10 Sep 2008 16:59 UTC

I would just note the change in format on the cataloging record, cross ref
the call number (if you don't use the same classification for your CDs, and
shelve it with the rest of your CDs.

I'm surprised you even got a CD.  If it's a PDF file, maybe it's online and
you can just transition from print to online and skip the CD part.


Aline Soules
Cal State East Bay

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> I have in front of me the Operating budget of one of our state
universities.  From the early 90s until FY 2007/8 this has come to us in hard
copy.  For the current FY we only received a pdf file on CD-ROM.  It's
exactly the same serial document, but the format (for this year at least) has
> I need suggestions as how to handle this change.  I've searched the
archives but don't see this exact situation.  I would prefer to use the same
serial record because it would be much easier for our patrons.  Must I create
a new record for this?
> I will appreciate any help.
> Thanks,
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