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We no longer check in items that are archived in microform (like news
magazines) or are of limited retention, such as newsletters that come
with other subscriptions.  It's not worth claiming single issues, and I
can't remember the last time someone asked for a print copy of a current

The only newspaper we have that is widely read in print by our patrons
is the New York Times.  We find sections of it scattered throughout the
library at any given time.  The WSJ, FT, and the Hartford Courant, our
local newspaper, get read to a lesser extent.  We have some German
faculty who read Die Zeit.  Otherwise we have cut way back on
newspapers, because we can't justify the increasing cost and declining
print readership.


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I don't understand why you would want to eliminate check in? How would
you know what you have or what you need to claim?

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I am trying to find information about eliminating periodicals check-in.
I found a few articles written several years ago about this topic, but
was wondering if there is anything recent?  I read that Rick Anderson at
the U of Nevada-Reno is a big proponent of this.  Has anyone else done a
similar initiative at your library?  If so, would you mind sharing your
experience?  I an investigating this as an option here at UVA, but need
some compelling facts to make it happen.  Anything you can share would
be great!


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