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Your should not assume your constituency would necessarily speak up.  IW

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On a related note, if print subscriptions lapsed for long periods of time and no one noticed, that would make a case for cancellation.


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Prior to my employment, a decision was made to stop checking in what we designate as "popular" periodicals (ie Vogue, Time, etc.) and a handful of our lesser-used journals. My understanding is that this decision was made because 1) serials were increasingly moving online, so technical services staff were not as concerned with ensuring that we had print copies in our periodical room and 2) checking in serials was considered a 'waste of time'.

I've since reinstated the normal check-in protocol for all paid subscriptions. One of the major reasons was that a number of our periodical subscriptions had lapsed for years despite regular annual payment of renewal fees and no one had noticed because the issues were not being checked in. In addition to this and claim considerations, our public services librarians have expressed a strong preference for knowing exactly what issues have arrived and when. Lastly, as print subscriptions are supplanted by electronic ones, we've had less work in the serials workflow to be performed by students. Our department has consistently underspent its student employment budget for the past few years, and reinstating the check-in procedure for all paid subscriptions has helped maintain the availability of student work in our department.

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I don't understand why you would want to eliminate check in? How would you know what you have or what you need to claim?

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