Print Serials Core List? Donna Meadows 01 Oct 2008 16:04 UTC

This year our large (36,000 students, 7 campuses) urban community
college system is addressing the issue of print serials. First we
developed criteria/rationales for retaining print subscriptions and now
are creating a core list of print serials, from our existing
subscriptions. The core list will establish a baseline for each of the 7
(soon to be 8) campuses.

*Has your library system done anything similar recently or will you be
doing so soon?*
*If you know of a similar project, please let me know.
Our literature searches have not revealed a similar project. We are
familiar with the 2002 article by Lewis and McDonald, “Defining an
Undergraduate Core Journal Collection.” _The Serials Librarian._ Our
goals are different from theirs and we serve a different population.
Their study was done long enough ago that consideration of serial access
through electronic databases is not addressed as we plan to do. *Have we
missed something?*

To reduce traffic on the list, please respond directly to me and I will
summarize for the list.

Donna Meadows
Austin Community College
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