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Re: Serial change Mitch Turitz 14 Oct 2008 17:54 UTC


   I hope you told him that only if the subject matter changes should
he then he should restart the numbering.  There used to be a rule,
many years ago, that if the numbering restarts, we should examine the
title to see if the subject matter has changed, necessitating a
successive entry be made, even if the title remains the same.  That
was because a change in numbering can signal a change in subject
coverage, besides other things changing. In my opinion, the numbering
should remain the same, and hopefully, change with the next volume's
first issue.

I hope that helps,

Mitch Turitz

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> Date:    Mon, 13 Oct 2008 17:19:58 -0400
> From:    "Christopher H. Walker" <chw16@PSU.EDU>
> Subject: Re: Serial change
> This may amaze you, but I recently had a query from an academic
> publisher,
> asking if he should restart the numbering when he changes a
> journal's title.
> He already knew to request a new ISSN.
> Christopher H. Walker
> Serials Cataloging Librarian
> 126 Paterno Library