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Hello Carmel and all,

As a separate medical school, some of the processes may not work with other institutions but here is what we have JUST done.(last week)

I compiled a list of ALL serial titles and Databases that goes on my budget accounts. I had to start early enough so I used our estimated 2009 (2008 + 10% inflation) prices from our May renewal process for 2009 subscriptions.

I created an Excell sheet with Title ; Estimated Price ; Format (Print: Online: Pr+On) ; ISI Impact Factor ; All ISI Descriptors ; One Descriptor for Subject Ranking ; # of E Accesses ; Cost/use ; Publisher ; Subsciption Agent ; Notes, etc.

>>  QUESTION:  Does your institution cancel print/online serials solely based on library criteria, i.e. cost and use? >>                    YES

With the spread sheet, the Director and I sorted and resorted the columns taking into account any cancellation restrictions of publisher's site licenses. Having to cut a huge amount, our suggested cancellations were based on that amount PLUS additional titles for those titles that faculty wanted to have us keep.   WE THEN created a second list of possible cancellations should the titles kept EXCEED the extra we planned for.(This is exactly what happened)

>>  QUESTION:  Does your institution cancel print/online serials only after consulting with faculty?  Is this done title-by-title or by discipline/schools? >>              TITLE-BY-TITLE

The List of Suggested Titles for Cancellation Appeared as a PDF and EXCELL sheet on our webpage.  After going through the proper channels, an E-mail was sent to every faculty member asking for their input.  Their responses were to be sent to the Chair of their Department who would collect and forward on to the indiciated individual TITLES which eventually got to me.  As always, some faculty did not respond, others responded long after the deadline for responses.

 I compiled the responses and those titles where there was no objection were sent to the subscription agents for cancellation.  As our extra amount (fudge factor) was immediately exhausted, the Director called a meeting of the Faculty Advisory Library Committee (Faculty from many Departments) to go over the list.  Their recommendations were passed and additional titles cancelled (titles from the second list as well as some titles requested to be kept)

Once I get things in hand, I will contact those faculty whose recommended titles were cancelled.

>>  QUESTION: Does your institution publicize cancellation decisions ahead of the actual serials cancellation?  >>

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