Replacement Pages question John Klima 17 Oct 2008 19:13 UTC

This is my first posting here. I searched through the archives, but did
not find anything that answered my question.

We've been contacted by a bindery to get replacement pages for binding
they are doing for a different institution.

If I supply these, do I run them through Copyright Clearance? We're
essentially doing document delivery to the bindery. We're not replacing
pages for ourselves, this is for someone else.

All the examples of copyright in regards to replacement pages that I'm
finding say something along the lines of: "Copies may be acquired for
the purpose of replacing missing or damaged pages without obtaining
permission or checking for availability." But in each case, they're
talking about replacing pages in the bound journals that are part of
their holdings.

I'm also asking in an ILL forum, but I thought I would see if anyone had
encountered this situation before.

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