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Yes, there are nasty little programs that people are using all over the
world to automatically download articles.  I don't know how well they
work, but they do get detected by the database providers, and then your
access gets shut down because some student (or other authorized user)
either shares his/her login credentials, or accidentally leaves it
somewhere, and the information apparently gets posted on a webpage with
hundreds of other login credentials, and before you know it, someone in
England or Saudi Arabia is automatically downloading articles out of old
ACS journals, and you have to get your Systems Analyst to shut down some
access points.  That is "systematic" downloading.

We make every reasonable effort to assure the authenticity of our users
and to protect the terms of our license agreements, but there are some
crafty little villains out there!

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I do not know if there are such automated programs (robots) that can
download hundred of articles at a time however my interpretation of
"systematic" is likened  to " the systematic destruction of the
rainforest" that is to say that this program OR PERSON takes ALL the
articles of an issue ; ALL the issues of a volume ==>

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Ever since I saw the word "systematic" in Jenny's question, I've been
thinking that it somehow referred to those improper uses where someone
attempts to download hundreds of articles at a time, with help from a

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I was taught that "systematic" means "regular." So systematic copying

would be like sending another library articles from every single issue.

Obviously, ILL would be more sporadic. I think the second phrase allows

for temporary creation of a file for ILL. For instance, you print out

the article, then scan it into Ariel, and send it to another library. It

seems that e-reserves are prohibited.

That's just my $.02. Does anyone disagree with my interpretation?