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One could rank order your periodicals and newspapers according to the quantum of shelf space that would be saved per dollar of expenditure on the film equivalent, and cut from the bottom.  One might also consider whether the paper it is on is subject to severe chemical deterioration (as newspapers are) or would be cumbersome in bound format.  Our bookbinder tells us that his equipment is such that stitch-binding is a necessity for all items over certain dimensions (as all broadsheets are and as tabloids tend to be).  You would have a large item in a volume difficult to open, which would be a deterrent even if the paper were not shot through with acid.  A third criterion to employ would be the salience of the pictorial content.

For these reasons, we have generally maintained our subscriptions to newspapers on microfilm.  However, the use of microfilm for archival maintenance of periodical titles seems less and less utile given consumer preferences for electronic content conjoined to the advent of services (Project Muse, ECO, JSTOR, and Portico) which provide passably secure rights to electronic archives.  Purchases of microtext to supplement insufficiently secure electronic access, to add to your collection  long deceased titles, and to get hold of sets of historical documents for your constituency seem a useful thing to do still.


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We have cut everything except one title that is still less expensive in microfilm than online or in print.  Once that pricing changes, we will switch.

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Hello everyone!

Our library is looking at cutting back our microfilm budget and I was wondering if anyone can share information regarding this.  We're mainly looking at criteria that we can use while evaluating what microfilm titles to cut.



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