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Re: Chronicle of Higher Education. Peter Picerno (07 Oct 2008 16:58 UTC)

Re: Chronicle of Higher Education. Peter Picerno 07 Oct 2008 16:58 UTC

When you say 'online' do you mean IP recognition or login/password? I
didn't think they did IP.

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Gormley, Alice wrote:
> We also had 3 print subs, cut back to 2 when we went online.  The only way that we avoided problems with multiple copies was to go direct.  I had one sub to my home address and brought it in to the library.  The other 2 I renewed by phone each year with a credit card so a human at the Chronicle office could make sure the renewal was done properly.  I've dropped the copy delivered to my home.  I'm still calling in the renewal to the other 2.  This is a common problem with multiple copies of popular titles.  As we've gone online and eliminated multiple copies, life has become a little simpler in this regard.  No matter how good an agency is, the fulfillment ends of these publications just aren't set up for multiple copies.
> Good luck--
> Alice
> Alice Gormley
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> Marquette University
> Raynor Memorial Libraries
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> Subject: Re: [SERIALST] Chronicle of Higher Education.
> We had similar problems (also with Ebsco) when we had a multiple copy
> subscription.  Now we receive it online and have cut our print
> subscription to one copy.  No more problems.
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> Subject: [SERIALST] Chronicle of Higher Education.
> Are there any other libraries out there that have been having trouble
> with getting multiple copies of issues of the Chronicle of Higher
> Education? We get three copies through EBSCO, but every few months it
> seems we start getting only one issue. Previously the publisher has
> informed us that they've merged our three subscriptions into one. This
> time when I contacted them I was told that they had three separate
> accounts for us but that two had been put on hold.
> Short of ordering them through three different vendors, or ordering them
> from three different addresses, I don't know what else to do.
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