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All these questions are kind of tied into your role of handling the
payment. You may already know the information as you pay for it but just
don't realize it.

Who is providing access? The provider is often the publisher but
sometimes just offers the platform to host the contents . For example,
Ovid is a provider and not a publisher. If you go to the website of the
resource in question, you should be able to find the provider. It should
be indicated right there. Elesevier ScienceDirect, Wiley Interscicence,
SpringerLink, Ovid and HighWire are some big ones. One clue is by
looking at the URL, the domain name is the provider (Wiley), such as in

Has access changed? Often access method stays the same if you're just
switching from print + online to online only.

What dates are we supposed to have access to? This is a tougher question
since it often varies from title to title, collection to collection.
Often a current subscription gives you access to current contents
including archival access. Sometimes archival access requires additional
one time payment. The person who negotiates the  online resource might
have the answer. Most of the time it 's a matter of clicking the issues
to see what you can access.

I hope this helps.


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Skwor, Jeanette wrote:
> We are newbies to e-access work.
> I have always handled the paper end, the paying, shelving, claiming, binding, tracking, processing, etc etc etc end.
> Now I am being asked such questions as, "Who is providing access?"  "Has access changed?" (when we changed from a print & online subscription to an online only).  "What dates are we supposed to have access to?"
> I don't know.  I've never had to know.  I'm being told, just look online, the info will be there.  I am not finding it.
> How do those of you who do this, do it?
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