Re: Decoding e-access Sally Krash 08 Oct 2008 15:17 UTC

Most of our e-resources have an online administration module that contains the
information that you need. Your subscription agent or the platform provider should
be able to provide you with the login and url.

Sally Krash
Electronic Resources Librarian
Southwest Research Institute

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We are newbies to e-access work.

I have always handled the paper end, the paying, shelving, claiming, binding,
tracking, processing, etc etc etc end.

Now I am being asked such questions as, "Who is providing access?"  "Has access
changed?" (when we changed from a print & online subscription to an online only).
"What dates are we supposed to have access to?"

I don't know.  I've never had to know.  I'm being told, just look online, the info
will be there.  I am not finding it.

How do those of you who do this, do it?

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