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Re: Decoding e-access Dietsch.Barbara@EPA.GOV 08 Oct 2008 15:42 UTC


Occasionally, the subscription vendor will provide coverage dates, but,
like Louise, I mostly go into each journal and check by clicking
through.  You will begin to see a pattern with some publishers.  Many
publisher's coverage only goes back to the 1990s unless you purchase the
deep archive.  For instance, Oxford starts at 1996, and Springer starts
at 1997.  For those publishers, you just need to check whether or not
the journal is newer than 1996 or 1997.  For example, an Oxford journal
might start in 2001 so your coverage would be 2001-present.

This is extremely time-consuming but while checking coverage, you can
also check to make certain your subscriptions are active.  Kill two
birds with one stone.


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I'd just say 'welcome to the wonderful world of e-resource management'.
I tell my e-access newbies that one issue/question always breeds
another, everything has a long back history, and you need a long memory!

On the dates we simply have to go in and check; not always that easy
unless the vendor has helpfully put an icon in to assist us, but
necessary.  On who provides access - sometimes Googling the title
provides the answer if it isn't obvious (never found a quicker way,
really!), or remembering who does what and why and when.

It's all a wonderful muddle and fun to unravel ... good luck!


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We are newbies to e-access work.

I have always handled the paper end, the paying, shelving, claiming,
binding, tracking, processing, etc etc etc end.

Now I am being asked such questions as, "Who is providing access?"  "Has
access changed?" (when we changed from a print & online subscription to
an online only).  "What dates are we supposed to have access to?"

I don't know.  I've never had to know.  I'm being told, just look
online, the info will be there.  I am not finding it.

How do those of you who do this, do it?

Jeanette L. Skwor
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