Re: What's going on with Yearbook of morphology? Lin, Selina S 09 Oct 2008 13:28 UTC

   University of Iowa has the new title, and it is indeed titled: Morphology. Our print subscription was replaced by electronic version after v.17, 2007, and I looked it up online to verify. The ISSN for print is 1871-5621; and 1871-5656 (Online). We have access through Springer Link.

   Hope this helps.

Selina Lin (U. of Iowa)

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sent to serialst and autocat. Please pardon the duplication.

Our serial order record has a note that, according to Ebsconet,
Yearbook of morphology changed title to Morphology effective 2006,
and we have no receipts since 2005. We have some other notes
indicating we have tried to follow up with vendors.

The OCLC record for Yearbook of morphology (OCLC 19338895) is not
closed, and makes no mention of a title change.

The OCLC record for the purported new title, OCLC 237801813, is very
minimal. It has only a 245, a 260, and a 780 for Yearbook of
morphology. It was input into OCLC in 2006, and the only library with
holdings is the library that input the record.

Has anybody had any success acquiring this title since 2005? The OCLC
record does have a note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 16, no. 1 (July
2006)? If anybody has that issue, what is its title? Can anybody
verify that the title has changed, and that the new title,
Morphology, actually exists? Do you think it is likely to continue
publication, after a gap of two years?

Thanks, Jack

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