Re: What's going with Yearbook of morphology? Jack Hall 09 Oct 2008 14:19 UTC

Thank you for some helpful replies to my query earlier this morning
on whether Yearbook of morphology has changed to Morphology.

OCLC 72679716 looks like the record to use for the e-journal
Morphology. I still see no convincing evidence that they have issued
any in print. OCLC 237801813 still looks like the only record for a
print version, it is very minimal, as I described earlier, and has
only the holdings of the inputting library. I suspect that library
input the record as something like a place-holder for eventual print
copies, and that none have ever existed.

But I have some cataloging questions about these records. 72679716,
for the new e-journal has a 780 for Yearbook of morphology, OCLC
19338895, which is the OCLC record for the print Yearbook of
morphology. Is that the way to do it--say that an e-journal is a
continuation (780) of a print title? 72679716 also has a 776 1 for
Morphology, OCLC 76813432. I take that to mean that this e-journal
Morphology is related to a print version represented by OCLC
76813432, but that OCLC number is an 019 field on 19338895, the
record for the print version of the earlier title.

All of this implies to me that there is indeed a new e-journal,
Morphology, that did not ever exist in print under that title. I
suppose it could be related to Yearbook of morphology, a print
journal, in some way, but I don't see it as a straight-forward "title
change", to be handled by 780 and 785 fields. As I said before
19338895, for the print Yearbook of morphology, does not indicate a
title change, and is not closed. And I don't find an OCLC record for
an online version of Yearbook of morphology.


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