Re: [ACAT] What's going on with Yearbook of morphology? Steven C Shadle 09 Oct 2008 17:20 UTC

I have no information about this title (I'll check to see whether we hold and
what the ISSN assignments are), but I would like to point out that if it really
is the case that the title has changed from 'Yearbook of morphology' to
'Morphology' that this is considered a minor change (dropping of a resource
type word and preposition) and that a successive record should not be created.
To answer Jack's later question about 776/780, if it's the case that the title
has ceased in print and continued online (whether or not there is an associated
title change), then there should be a 780/785 between the print and online
version records.  If there are any issues in common between print and online
version, then 776 should be used to link print/online version records.  So in
cases where the print ceases but the online version has digitized earlier print
issues, there can be both 776 and 780/785 linking between the print/online
version records.  This is okay and is current conser practice per CONSER
Cataloging Manual Module 31.16.1 -- Multiple linking relationships.

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On Thu, 9 Oct 2008, Jack Hall wrote:

> sent to serialst and autocat. Please pardon the duplication.
> Our serial order record has a note that, according to Ebsconet, Yearbook of
> morphology changed title to Morphology effective 2006, and we have no
> receipts since 2005. We have some other notes indicating we have tried to
> follow up with vendors.
> The OCLC record for Yearbook of morphology (OCLC 19338895) is not closed,
> and makes no mention of a title change.
> The OCLC record for the purported new title, OCLC 237801813, is very
> minimal. It has only a 245, a 260, and a 780 for Yearbook of morphology. It
> was input into OCLC in 2006, and the only library with holdings is the
> library that input the record.
> Has anybody had any success acquiring this title since 2005? The OCLC record
> does have a note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 16, no. 1 (July 2006)? If
> anybody has that issue, what is its title? Can anybody verify that the title
> has changed, and that the new title, Morphology, actually exists? Do you
> think it is likely to continue publication, after a gap of two years?
> Thanks, Jack
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